Cardiac Arrest occurs when the heart stops beating suddenly. The lack of blood flow can cause ischemia in the starving brain and other tissues or organs. This leads to a series of events that are destructive to the brain tissue. Rapid hypothermia has been shown to help control inflammation and reduce brain cell death. The animation helps us understand the different methods used to achieve hypothermia. Ice water technique and Cold lavage require expert medical personnel and a long time to achieve therapeutic hypothermia levels. Suspended Liquid Ventilation, using the Portable Liquid Ventilation system is the latest and most effective method to achieve hypothermia within minutes. The entire procedure is effortlessly explained in the animation. The patient’s lungs are used as heat exchangers. Ice-cold liquid (perfluorocarbon) fills the lungs by the LVS delivery tube through the endotracheal tube. The ice-cold perfluorocarbon removes the heat from the blood and delivers oxygen. This cools the blood, which further cools the tissues as it travels.

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