For years, treatment for a torn ACL has been a matter of great importance. Although there exist many drawbacks and side effects, ACL reconstruction is the usually preferred option. A new revolutionary product called Bridge-Enhanced ACL Repair (BEAR) implant has been introduced. The BEAR implant is based on the discovery that the ACL can perform all the critical functions for healing to occur, except scaffold/bridge formation. As clearly depicted in the animation, sutures are placed into the torn ACL. After the autologous blood is added to the bare implant, it is placed over the torn ACL, acting as the bridge between the two ends. Within 8 weeks, the implant is resorbed and replaced by native cells, collagen, and blood vessels. According to MRI, at 24 months, the size, geometry, and tissue composition of the treated area be more like native ACL, rather than an autograft. The long-term results are on par with ACL reconstruction. 86% of the patients treated went back to sports within 1 year.

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