Codexis is on a mission to create the best proteins to deliver performance for new applications. The Code Evolver technology engineers specific proteins for pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, molecular diagnostics, animal feed, and other value-creating applications. The entire process of this involved procedures is very simply illustrated in the animations. A protein is defined by its sequence of amino acids. Finding the right combination of amino acids among the infinite possibilities is a challenge. Code Evolver, using its protein libraries, algorithms and expertise select the most qualified starting sequence to start the process. In the animation, the visual depiction of substrate reacting with a protein is measured on different scales. Code Evolver technology rapidly learns the relationship between protein sequence changes and their impacts on protein function, thus engineering intelligent rather than random improvements. Thousands of variations are chosen and created in the labs. They undergo rapid testing to generate data, based on which new intelligently guided sequence variations are created. Every round of creating and testing results in better and improved protein sequences. Ultimately, this results in the protein that reaches the target performance.

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