Mitral Regurgitation (MR) is a disorder in which the mitral valve of the heart does not close properly. Mitral touch is a new revolutionary device that allows a surgeon to treat the majority of patients with MR. The working of the device is easily explained in the animation showing both the external and internal views. Externally, the anterior arm of the device is placed in the transverse sinus, with the posterior pad placed just below the AV groove and centered on the mitral valve. The surgeon applies gentle pressure on the posterior pad, rotating it downwards. This provides sub-valvular support and reduces chordal tension by bringing dilated left ventricle and papillary muscles in. Once confirmed that the connecting arm is free of the heart surface, the device is anchored in place by 3-4 helical tags. The cross-sectional view of the heart is shown during the procedure. It shows how the LV is treated and the MR is reduced with the use of the mitral touch. For the first time, the surgeon can provide Patient-Specific Optimal MR Reduction, LV reduction, and Subvalvular Support.

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