Tearing of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is common in athletes. It is a painful condition, leaving the knee unstable and unable to perform normal functions. They are common in sports that involve start-stop actions and sudden changes in direction. In the video we see a professional skier describe his experience with an ACL tear. The usual treatment option for the injury is ACL Reconstruction. But it comes with concerning drawbacks such as secondary infection sites in the donor area and kneeling pain. The animation introduces us to the revolutionary Bridge Enhancement ACL Restoration (BEAR) implant. The whole procedure is demonstrated in this clear, concise animation. The BEAR implant is made up of special proteins that bridge the gap between the torn ends of the ACL. Blood is drawn from the patient and is added to the implant. The implant is slowly absorbed and replaced by viable cells of the ACL tissue. This continues until the implant is completely absorbed and the ACL is repaired.

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