Delaplaine Creative is a boutique Medical Animation Studio dedicated to delivering stunning 3D animation to the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries.


We optimized workflow, allowing the production of tailor-made health animation films in various styles, suitable for a wide range of indications
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3D Animators: The Visual Storytellers of the healthcare industry

Established 31 years ago, we specialize in providing compellingly creative and scientifically authoritative presentations at an affordable price. At Delaplaine Creative, we use leading edge tools and visual artistry to interpret what happens inside the human body along with the devices and procedures used to heal it in a way that the audience will comprehend. Our experienced staff of animators and illustrators use a blend of deep medical knowledge and technical fortitude to bring complex concepts to life for industry leaders like Johnson & Johnson, MedTronic and Johns Hopkins Orthopedic & Spine.

We believe that every project, no matter the size, is a story waiting to be told. By utilizing the same technology and expertise that premier animation companies use we deliver your exact specification at a fraction of the cost. Your vision will be delivered with precise accuracy and stunning quality making your story understood and remembered.


Suspended Animation Liquid Ventilation System

The portable liquid ventilation system is a revolutionary way to cool cardiac arrest patients. It is fast and minimally invasive and relies on the oxygen and carbon dioxide–carrying capacity of organic liquids that do not damage the lungs, such as perfluorocarbons. The liquid ventilation system delivers carefully controlled cycles of ice cold liquid and oxygen into and out of the patient’s lungs. In this 3D animation, Delaplaine explains the use of the liquid ventilation system and shows how it treats cardiac arrest patients. 

Codexis CodeEvolver

For an average-sized protein, there are more unique combinations of amino acid sequences than there are stars in trillions of galaxies. Finding the right sequence is indeed a challenge. This is where CodeEvolver comes in. To find a good starter protein, it uses its unique protein libraries, proprietary algorithms, and the expertise of a scientific team. They will then select the most qualified starting sequence and begin the engineering process. Watch this 3D video, and see how our team used 3D animation and voiceover to explain how CodeEvolver engineers proteins that you are looking for.

Cardiomyopathy Heart Animation

The human heart beats more than a hundred thousand times a day to circulate oxygen-carrying blood throughout the body. The heart’s pumping capacity decreases with severe heart failure when the cardiac muscle is damaged, a condition known as cardiomyopathy. This causes the damaged muscle to work harder, resulting in increased stress, which causes the muscle to thin. Therapies become limited to patients with advanced heart failure. LoneStar Heart has developed a novel treatment based on Algisyl, an ultrapure implantable hydrogel. To help you visualize the treatment, Delaplaine has created this video that details exactly how the treatment happens, helping providers and patients better understand the treatment.


It exerts its activity primarily in the epithelial cells lining the intestinal walls. It is used to treat certain types of bowel problems like constipation by increasing fluid in your intestines and helping speed up the movement of food through the gut. The Delaplaine team created this short, detailed video showing you how plecanitide interacts with the epithelial cells and how it treats your bowel problems.


We approach each project with an understanding that creative animation and scientific accuracy are required to explain the most complex concepts and procedures to a target audience. Our clients trust that we will define a strategic solution in order to align their vision, requirements and budget.

We leverage an innovative combination of scientific accuracy, concise narrative and powerful visual artistry to create a powerful and memorable experience that will enhance brand awareness and amplify understanding. We are laser focused on delivering a messaging that is impressive and impactful whether your audience is existing customers, potential investors or federal agencies.


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